Bundles vs Enrolments - The benefits of each

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Different eLearning providers have different definition for the various licence types. Here's how we define bundles and enrolments at Skills for Health:

  • Bundle = A predefined collection of courses for a user
  • Enrolment = A single course access for a course

Benefits of Bundles

Bundles are great for organisations that need access to a collection of courses for a known volume of users.

They're cost-effective as we're able to apply heavy discounts to our bundles. 

Bundles are also easy to manage as you don't have to worry about assigning or tracking individual course usage.

For example if you have 50 staff that need the Core Skills Training Framework courses over a 3 year period, the CSTF bundle will be the perfect option.

If, however, you have a high turnover of staff or changing needs, enrolments might work better for you as you can flex your use of enrolments.


Enrolments are great for organisations with changing needs; Our enrolments give you access to a library of courses, so if your needs change, you can change courses, as long as the courses are from the same library and the overall volume stays the same.

  • Flexible
  • Volume discounts

For example, an organisation might need:

  • 50 x Conflict Resolution
  • 50 x Fire safety
  • 100 x Safeguarding Children Level 1

As these three courses are in the same library, we see that as a total of 200 enrolments from Library 'A'.

Following a few months' usage they find they only need 50 Safeguarding Children, but now need 50 Safeguarding Adults. Not a problem we can just swap the courses as they are from the same library.

Best of Both

Sometimes the best solution, and value for money, is to mix bundles with enrolments. For example you can use bundles for the majority of your requirements and then use enrolments for occasional needs.

For example:

  • 50 x Core Skills Training Framework bundle.
  • 10 x Blood Transfusion (enrolments)

Need Advice?

Not sure on the right option or want some advice - speak to our eLearning experts about your requirements - Submit a ticket

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